A Note from Brittany:

Congratulations on your Engagement!!!

What an incredibly exciting time in your lives!

This year is going to fly by SO quickly with all of the preparation for your Big Day! You are going to be making A LOT of really important decisions in the coming months & your Wedding Photographer is a BIG one!

I want to give you peace of mind in knowing that choosing Inspired Life to help you to document this next year of your lives and your Wedding Day will be one of the single Best Decisions that you made early on!


I've done this {many times} before!!! ;)

Potential Clients ask me all the time if I'm comfortable Photographing a Wedding at a Venue that I haven’t been to before. The answer: ABSOLUTELY! I have photographed more than 300 Weddings in the last 10 years. I love my job for so many reasons, but more than anything I love getting the opportunity to see so many new & beautiful places and spending time with my clients on the happiest day of their lives!

Weddings have taken me to the most incredible places! Across North Carolina, The Southeast, The United States and across Oceans - to The Carribean, Mexico and Europe! My work has been featured on numerous Blogs and in Magazines and nearly every time, it was my first time shooting at that venue!!!

So… what makes me different than the rest?

I’m sure that you’ve looked at at least a hundred different wedding photography websites and maybe you can't even remember who you’ve contacted and what sites you’ve seen already!? I believe that what sets me apart from the rest is that I REALLY CARE about your Wedding!!! I don't run a "volume" Wedding Photography business, I'm not shooting 80 or 100 Weddings every year! I keep my workload manageable so that I have time to get to know you, to go the extra mile, to do those little thoughtful things that you can't believe!

I only take on 30 Wedding Clients each year because I want to know you personally! I want us to become friends and I want to capture your memories in a really authentic, unique and beautiful way!!!

My goal, above all else is to deliver to you the Most Beautiful Wedding Photos that you can be SO proud of, photos that will become your family's Heirlooms!

I'm really hoping to hear from you soon!